Sunday, September 20, 2009

Normalization, anyone?

Normalization is that process in which children entering a Montessori environment come to be at peace and at home in their setting. They grow into a work cycle, begin to interact as a community, and become all around pretty settled. We're a ways a way I think at school, though we do have settled moments here and there. The beginning of the year is always an adjustment, though.

At home I sometimes wonder if I'll ever reach a state of normalization. The house gets clean, then it falls apart at the start of the next project. Right now it is clean, but there are the lingering projects of cleaning the garage and converting the junk room to a guest bedroom/media room.

I was definitely pretty pumped to clear the clutter from the top of my dresser, get my shoes into my shoes-under (stupidest invention ever, by the way, and we bought it!), and make the bed two days in a row (this is a record unsurpassed in my lifetime). There are only a couple bags in the entryway, which I will try to clear out before bed tonight, and a corner of the dining room is still a bit of a mess while I am in the middle of my tablecloth alterations for school.

I am ready to put some art on the walls and call this place home for a while, though! We'll just call it a settled moment on the road to normalization.

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