Saturday, August 7, 2010

One Week Down, No Looking Back!

It has been a great week with the changes we made to our eating habits. Ryan has already commented more than once that he is enjoying his trimmer shape from eating less meat (after only ONE WEEK!). We definitely spent a little bit more on food this week, but we'll get that down to a science in no time. I am looking forward to taking a trip to Whole Foods alone, so I can spend some time price-shopping and perusing their inventory.

We bought way less at the market this week because we had plenty left over from last week to make it through this week. What needs stocking is the pantry with non-perishable organic foods (canned soups, beans, grains, etc.). I have not forgotten about the baking mixes, either! I plan to work that in during the next couple weeks, so any good baked good recipes that are simple when it comes to adding liquids (1 egg, 3/4 c water, etc) would be greatly appreciated.

Last week's amazing breakthrough recipe was Portobello Mushroom Marsala (I made it just for me on the side of my mom's chicken marsala).

Portobello Mushroom Marsala
1 large portobello mushroom, sliced
1 tablespoon butter
1 drizzle of olive oil
Shallow dish of flour, salt, pepper, and oregano for dredging
Handful of white mushrooms, sliced
2 parts Marsala
1 part Sherry

Melt the butter together with the olive oil in a pan. Dredge the slices of mushroom in the flour mixture and saute in the butter mixture. When brown on both sides, add the button mushrooms, marsala, and sherry. Simmer until the gravy reaches the right consistency.

Serve with steamed potatoes and green beans. Delicious!

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